"I shall content myself with merely declaring my firm conviction that, for the seeker who would live in fear of God and who would see Him face to face, restraint in diet both as to quantity and quality is as essential as restraint in thought and speech." -Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, July 7, 2008


· French bread (2 slices)
· 3-4 pieces of cooked bacon
· 2-3 slices cheddar cheese
· 2 slices tomato
· lettuce
· mayonaise
· mustard or dijon mustard
· salt and pepper

1. Prepare a pan on the stove, butter each side of slices of bread, and toast each side. While other side is toasting, place cheese on one of the slices.
2. Once toasted, remove from pan. Place cooked bacon on top of cheese, place tomatos on top of bacon.
3. On other slice, apply mayo and mustard, a dash of salt and pepper, and top with lettuce. Combine slices and enjoy!

Skip the pan toasting and place cheese, bacon, and tomato on one slice and the mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and lettuce on the other.

Makes 1 sandwich

Total Carbs: 30g
Carb choices: 2

Recipe By: Em

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Em Ybarra said...

When it's WAY too hot outside to cook or eat something hot, the BLTC is a great dinner alternative! Especially if you don't toast the bread.